No heat affected zones
More environmentally friendly
Better Tolerances
Water jets can cut thicker materials up to 200 mm

One of the leading aluminium fabrication companies in Dubai, UAE

Precise and expertly fabricated metal components can add value to your construction project, thus, you need the expertise of a qualified service provider to help you with your steel and metal fabrication.

Franz & Olsen Engineering Services is an established company specializing in steel and metal fabrication, servicing contractors in Dubai and across UAE. As one of the leading aluminium fabrication companies in the region, our goal is to help our clients achieve the highest quality of build for their projects by providing them with top-quality fabricated materials.

Trusted steel and metal fabrication services in Dubai

We strongly believe that every project has their distinct requirements and need specialize components that will fit the project specification. Franz & Olsen Engineering Services offers a full range of sheet metal fabrication services that can cater to the construction needs of the client. Our custom fabrication capabilities include laser cutting service, waterjet cutting, precision bending and contouring, welding, and much more.

Our facility utilises advanced technology and machinery to deliver precisely cut and fabricated products to clients. Our controlled-environment facility houses state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment that can produce superior metalwork that can be used in various applications and projects.

An expert team of steel fabricators in Dubai at your service

Our team is composed of highly skilled metal and steel fabricators who are well-adept and trained in different aspects of material fabrication. Their attention to details and wealth of experience in the industry makes them more than qualified to handle every fabrication task and project.

Best of all, they are dedicated to providing the best service to meet and exceed the clients’ expectations right on schedule.

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Feel free to get in touch with us to know more how we can help you with your project. Call us at +971 4 8852040 or send us an email at You can also message us via our online contact form.

Water Jet Cutting Advantages

  • No heat affected zones
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Better tolerances
  • Water jets can cut thicker materials up to 200 mm
  • Raw material savings
  • Flexibility to adapt to design and material changes
  • Intricate shapes in delicate materials
  • Pipe/Tube cutting without affecting its inner diameter