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Franz & Olsen Engineering Services is a name synonymous with quality, precision and excellence. Since the establishment of our company in the UAE, we have been recognized as leaders in the industry for providing highly specialized and industrial grade fabrication and design solutions and services for the construction and interior decor of high end residential, corporate and commercial spaces all across the UAE.

We specialize in providing intricately crafted and precisely cut marble and granite art works for the floors, wall cladding, wall panels, countertops and exterior spaces of luxury villas, housing units, hotels, manors and palaces and design studios in Dubai. To achieve extraordinary precision and perfection in our designs, we use advanced water jet cutting technology at our state of the art facilities. This helps us create the most stunning marble and granite articles that are in line with the needs and preferences of our valued clients and customers in Dubai.

We Use Specialized Water Jet Cutting Technology to Create Precisely Cut Marble Designs for You

Water jet cutting technology is a special technique that uses a high pressure, laser jet water beam to cut the strong and robust materials such as marble, granite, porcelain etc. and create fine and intricate details and designs without compromising the quality and finish of the substance.

The team of expert engineers and specialists at Franz & Olsen is highly experienced and skilled in using the water jet cutting technique to create highly customized and precisely cut marble and granite articles. Most importantly, we work in close association with our clients to provide solutions that suit their construction and space needs.

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