Excellent waterjet cutting service in Dubai

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Hard building materials like steel, aluminium, granite, and marble can be challenge material to fabricate due to its thickness and durable features. Using common cutting equipment might not cut it. But through waterjet cutting, building materials can be precisely cut and fabricated in a matter of minutes.

Franz & Olsen Engineering Services offers hi-precision waterjet cutting service for Dubai customers and clients who are in need of precise and detailed material cutting for different applications. Our full range of metal fabrication capabilities can deliver a high degree of cutting consistency with a high-quality surface finish. Whether you are in need of a custom metalwork for your project or you want to produce a unique marble finish for your home interior, we got you covered.

Custom waterjet metal cuttings for various applications

Clients are looking for a distinct cut and finish to complement their project specifications. Franz & Olsen Engineering Services offers abrasive and non-abrasive waterjet cutting and profiling service. Using ultra-high pressure jet of water, the energy produced by this process acts as a cutting tool that can pierce through a thick metal and shape it in accordance with the client’s specifications.

We use sophisticated machinery and programs to deliver expertly cut and fabricated components. Our equipment can cut most building materials, from the soft materials like rubber and foam to the most durable metals like steel and stainless. The result is always an outstanding workpiece and cuttings with a high-quality finish.

Skilled fabricators specialising in waterjet cutting

Franz & Olsen Engineering Services assembled a team of skilled fabricators who are known to deliver high-quality work with speed and accuracy. They are experts in handling complicated fabrication projects and can work on urgent deadlines when needed.

Let us help you customise your building components and materials. Get in touch with us calling +971 4 8852040. You can message us through our online contact form or through email: sales@fandoes.com. Our dedicated staff would be happy to attend to your concerns.